Plant 4 the Planet was formed in late 2005 as a joint venture between Energy Solutions and Elite Energy and The Energy Exchange, three well-established and respected energy brokers.

We have more than 25 years of industry experience across the directors and have worked on all sides of the energy market, as consumers, brokers, and consultants to licensed suppliers.

Working with our clients across the UK, we noticed that there was more and more demand for “Green” energy or other ways of improving a business’s ecological standing.

As true “Green” energy is a limited commodity, we review other cost-effective options which would allow our clients to reduce their impact on the environment, that is available now, and the had no negative side effects – we do not really want to cover the countryside in wind generators.

Working with experts we have created 3 programs that we feel are suitable for almost every type and size of business.

Details of these programs can be found by following the links to the right.

As your Carbon partner, Plant 4 The Planet will work with your company to help educate your stakeholders about climate change, carbon reductions, and carbon offsets.

What’s your business’s Carbon Footprint?

Use our unique Carbon Calculator to find out.

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