Aceh Reforestation

Reforestation of Aceh

Following the Tsunami in 2004, huge areas of rainforest and agricultural land were destroyed.  Working with local organisations, our projects will have a significant impact on the local people, whilst offsetting your CO2.

The Indonesian government has launched a massive four-year operation to plant mangrove trees along the coastline of tsunami-devastated Aceh province.

Forestry Minister Malam Sambat Kaban was quoted by the state Antara news agency as saying that the tsunami destroyed more than 350,000 hectares of mangrove forest in the province.

Speaking to the press after launching a mangrove reforestation project in Lam Nga village, Aceh Besar district, Kaban said the government planned to plant a total of 150,000 hectares of mangroves along the coast.

The minister said he hoped it would encourage local communities to put similar projects into action.

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