Business Benefits – Benefits

Top line Improvement

Win new business as part of a ‘greener’ supply chain.

Businesses now place increasing emphasis on the environmental credentials of their supply chain. The Plant 4 the Planet approach signifies that CO2 emissions have been tackled according to best practices and sustainability standards.

Drive revenue

Companies with a public commitment to ethics perform better on 3 out of 4 financial measures than those without (Institute of Business Ethics, 2003). These companies also on average have 18% higher profits.

Bottom line Improvement

Save energy costs

Businesses that switch to more energy-efficient processes can see significant savings in their energy expenditure.


Customers and opinion formers are increasingly taking an interest in how companies conduct their business in relation to climate change. This can adversely affect a company’s reputation in manifold ways, from media comments to purchasing decisions to recruitment and even planning applications.

“70% of people believe businesses should take responsibility for limiting climate change”.
ICM, 2005 

What’s your business’s Carbon Footprint?

Use our unique Carbon Calculator to find out.

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