Carbon Offset Methods

How do we offset your business’s Carbon emissions?

Please visit our Projects area for further details of actual projects which we are investing in and supporting.  Listed below are the general methods by which carbon offsets are achieved.

Gold Standard Projects

The Gold Standard is a certification scheme that recognizes the best projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI), and voluntary offset markets. The brand has value because 42 non-governmental organizations endorse the Gold Standard method and many buyers favour or request Gold Standard credits.

Plant 4 The Planet fully supports the Gold Standard, and we are happy to offer Gold Standard projects to all of our customers.

Donate energy efficient technologies

Another form of carbon offset, which is becoming more common, is supplying technologies, such as low energy light bulbs to worthwhile projects in developing countries and closer to home through our work with Age Concern and other similar charities. Your carbon footprint is effectively offset since you have caused a reduction in carbon emissions elsewhere in the world.

Invest in Sustainable Technology Development

There are many sustainable technologies that are worth supporting either through donations or investment. These include:-:

  • renewable energy (wind, wave, solar, geothermal, benign hydro, biomass)
  • biomass fuels
  • waste to energy projects
  • recycling
  • super-efficient vehicles
  • etc.

Planting Trees

Tree planting is one of the most common forms of carbon offset. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and wood, both of which are very useful for humans and other animals. At Plant 4 The Planet, we sponsor the planting and maintenance of trees in the UK and around the world.

Retire carbon dioxide credits

At Plant 4 The Planet we can purchase carbon dioxide credits from a Climate Exchange program. These carbon credits are the result of energy reduction projects over past years, which are then sold on to organisations that have not been able to reach their targets. By purchasing carbon credits and not using them, they are retired so no other person or organisation can buy them – thus offsetting your carbon footprint.

What’s your business’s Carbon Footprint?

Use our unique Carbon Calculator to find out.

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