Education, Food and Carbon Offset

The area in which the Matswathaka school project is situated is called Bohlokong and is next to Bethlehem in a highly-populated semi-urban area with high unemployment. The school is intermediate and has approximately 951 learners. The gardens are maintained by the parents and learners and supplement the feeding scheme.

Their school’s vision is to develop its grounds and garden to be a school’s permaculture resource centre and an inspiration to other schools to strive for the same. This the school believes can be achieved by developing a nursery, a food garden, an orchard, demonstrable composting and compost heaps, and a medicinal garden, by planting trees and providing plants, seeds, information, and workshops to schools in the area.

For the many vulnerable learners and hungry learners who need a good meal at school and fresh food to take home with them, the school also wants to extend the size of their garden. The school’s primary aim is to then be an outreach project for the area, growing and providing fresh vegetables, herbs, medicines, workshops, and inspiration to the learners, the community, and to other schools and clinics.

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