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CO2 emissions Calculator

Directions: Type the energy value from your bill or records into the left column. Then click anywhere outside the cell you just filled. The answer will appear in the column to the right.

 Energy ValueFactor Result
 kw/h electricity* 0.43 = kg
 kw/h natural gas OR* 0.19 = kg
 therms natural gas* 5.50 = kg
 tonnes of coal* 2,419 = kg
 litres of diesel* 2.68 = kg
 litres of petrol* 2.31 = kg
 litres of LPG* 1.51 = kg
 miles by train/bus* 0.1 = kg
 miles by air* 0.29 = kg
Total Emissions kg
Offset Tonnes of CO2

All data in this table is based upon official UK data from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, revised in March 2001. Emissions for other fuels can be found on DEFRA’s Environmental Reporting page.

For electricity generated from renewable sources, zero carbon dioxide emissions may be used if the supply has been certified by OFGEM.

The car mileage figure is based upon an average UK family car returning 29mpg. If you drive a smaller car achieving (say) 40mpg, or regularly share a car, then you could adjust the mileage accordingly to estimate CO2 emissions.

Aeroplane emissions are very hard to estimate. The figure above is based upon short-haul (European) flights in economy class – add up to 50% for business class travel with lower seat densities. However, there is some evidence that there is at least as much Global Warming effect again from other aircraft emissions in the upper atmosphere, such as ozone created from NOx or condensation trails, then solely from the CO2 emitted on the journey.

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