No cost no carbon

Offset your CO2 and increase your profits? That is the goal of the No Cost, No Carbon program.

There are many companies offering carbon offsets, and indeed many ways of offsetting your carbon emissions, but they all have one thing in common.  They are going to cost you money!

Plant 4 The Planet has strived from day one to be different.  The founders came from businesses that specialised in reducing business costs and they have a long track record of success.  So when creating the Plant 4 The Planet program, one of the key goals was to help you cut your costs as well as your carbon.

As a No Cost, No Carbon client we will not only work to reduce your carbon, but we will also work with our partners to reduce your unit energy costs, improve your energy efficiency and recommend the latest low energy technology.

Typically cost savings achieved from this process, combined with the savings from our Carbon Reduction advice will far exceed the cost of the carbon offset.

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