Our goal is not just to offset your carbon.  We aim to reduce your carbon emissions and your costs year on year.

In order to achieve this, as well as providing our clients with regular energy efficiency updates and information, we also work with businesses that can reduce our clients’ costs.

Below is a list of just a few of our partners and the services they provide.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions is a NO COST gas and electricity broker covering all markets across the UK. We are able to source the best price contracts for customers ranging from domestic up to the largest industrial/commercial users.  We have a strong working relationship with all of the key UK suppliers, and the experience to bring you the right contract at the right price.

Energy Exchange

The Energy Exchange has been established in 1992, the very beginning of deregulation and privatisation of the energy industries.

At the Energy Exchange, we have always sought to minimise customers’ costs, not only through competitive tendering but also through ensuring customers bought energy on terms to suit their requirements as opposed to those of suppliers and by eliminating excess costs and waste brought about by inefficient use of energy. Consequently, the aims and ideals of Plant 4 The Planet fitted well and extended the ethos of our company.

Elite Energy

Most energy savings companies look at just securing you a lower price KWH and feel that they have done their job, they fail to find out the fundamentals of your business that could save you so much more.

Elite understands all aspects of the energy market and how business can show true long term savings, sometimes in the region of 15%

Elite will not make a change just for the sake of change if we feel you are already on the best supply contract with a good overall solution we will tell you so.

Claude Lyons

As a group of electrical and electronic engineering companies, we manufacture and supply voltage stabilisers, UPS systems, voltage control and harmonic mitigation products, transformers, scientific instruments, and electronic components.


Defensive Driver Training Limited was formed in 1989 when we trained over 50,000 drivers for more than 500 companies throughout the UK. We are a BS EN ISO 9002 Registered Company and founder members of the Fleet Driver Training Association (FDTA) Our range of courses covers the car, van, minibus PCV, and LGV drivers. 

As your Carbon partner, Plant 4 The Planet will work with your company to help educate your stakeholders about climate change, carbon reductions, and carbon offsets. Plant 4 The Planet will also help your company develop a cost-effective carbon offset program for just about any purpose on almost any budget.

What’s your business’s Carbon Footprint?

Use our unique Carbon Calculator to find out.

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