Zero Impact

Zero Impact is a package for businesses trying to offset the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generated from all parts of the business.  We are also able to work with clients to offset the CO2 from a part of the business or a particular project.

We look to establish a long-term relationship with all of our clients and to help them not only offset their carbon now but to reduce future carbon emissions too.  Through our No Cost, No Carbon program we also aim to improve your profitability.

Achieving a Zero Impact carbon footprint is a continuous process, that involves the repeating 3 simple steps:


It is clear that little can be achieved until we know how much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) your business generates. In order to assess your Carbon output we have devised a number of tools – our online Carbon Calculator will give the first estimate, alternatively, we can work with you to provide a more in-depth analysis.

At this stage, we agree on the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) produced by your business, either directly or indirectly. This needs to be offset and we can establish the costs involved.


As your Carbon partner, Plant 4 The Planet will work with you to offset all Carbon that your business created.  Offsets work in a number of ways, from the planting of trees, and the protection of existing woodlands and tropical rainforests to investment in Biomass, New Energy, and other carbon-friendly technologies.  Offsets can also be achieved by distributing low-energy products, both here and abroad.

For more information on offset methods, click here.

For additional project details, click here.


Once you know how much Carbon your business is producing, the next step is to review the ways in which this can be reduced.  There are numerous ways of reducing the carbon footprint, many of which are free.

We undertake free surveys for our clients and can provide you with a range of advice and information suitable for your business profile.

(Businesses with large spends (£50k+) may be entitled to free, government-sponsored surveys – we do not undertake the surveys but can arrange them for you and assist in the implantation.)

Actual reductions vary from business to business.

No Cost, No Carbon

As well as working to reduce your carbon emissions, we also work with our partners to reduce the costs related to your energy usage, for example, buying lower energy unit costs or supplying new energy-efficient technology.

Further details of this program can be found here.

All clients who achieve Zero Impact status will receive formal certification stating that the business has achieved a Zero Carbon Footprint.  All Zero Impact clients will also be listed on this site.

To talk about making your business or organisation Zero Impact, please contact us.

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